✨Word of the Year✨. I have a tendency to jump into the new year full force with an agenda, but have found that it's best to take January as a transition from the end of the year madness to the start of a new year. Instead of resolutions, our family thinks about a word for the year.  25 days into January, through thought and prayer,  we all have our word for the year. Anyone else practice this new years tradition?  I love the idea of stamping our words into Blessing Beads.  I like to keep my word a secret until the end of the year and then stamp it onto Blessing Beads.  In January I don't always know what the word means but by Christmas,  I can see the theme woven throughout my year. 

For us, it's not as much about claiming a word or declaring a dream. This is more of asking The new always year brings feelings of a fresh start and new dreams. Does anyone else have a word for the year ? Or maybe you set intentions for something your want to focus on for the year. Instead of resolutions, A word may come to your mind bc of something you have heard or a desire you have. Take it to prayer bc usually there is more and better coming from Father. For me it isn’t about my dreams and desires. It’s bigger and something I can’t come up with on my own.

Word or intentions for the year. Create some space, jot down what you are hearing

Ask for confirmation and you may will get in beautiful ways.
Speak to me what you are saying over my year, do it several times bs one moment.

Don’t script it. This isn’t what you want him to say. Be open to it being several things.

Restoration, enough,