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All Blessing Beads® now include a printed copy of Numbers 6:24-26. We love this addition to our gifts and know that your friends and family will love receiving the gift of your blessing.

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What is a Sercy?

...A little unexpected gift to make someone feel loved and special.
You may call this a "happy", but my family has always referred to this type of gift as a "sercy".

Giving sercies is your new super power.  Because they are unexpected, you can surprise anyone (think a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or family) at anytime with a sercy.  Your thoughtfulness will instantly make them smile.  Some of my favorite sercy gifts are baked goods, a bud vase with flowers, gift card for coffee, and artisan crafts like our Blessing Beads® !

Blessing Beads® for All Occasions

To Offer Comfort

Loss of a Loved One,

To Celebrate Joy

New baby,


Mother’s Day,

Love and Nourishment

A Collection of Thoughts, Recipes and Gift Giving Tips

Simple Carrot Cake

Posted by MacKenzie Williams

Last Friday night I whipped up this Carrot cake as a test for Easter weekend and it was gone by Sunday.  I can cook but baking is more challenging for...

A Prayer from St. Patrick

Posted by MacKenzie Williams

I've been part of many church communities throughout my life.  One of my favorite parts about the Catholic Church is learning about all the saints!  These heroes of faith led...

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Butter

Posted by MacKenzie Williams

Every week I whip up another batch of this brown sugar cinnamon butter.  It isn't much a of a recipe but my kids say it's the best thing I make. ...

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