The Original Blessing Beads®

Finding a meaningful gift can be overwhelming. Our original Blessing Beads® are the perfect gift for any occasion, in times of joy or sorrow. 

What is a Sercy?

...A little unexpected gift to make someone feel loved and special.
You may call this a "happy", but my family has always referred to this type of gift as a "sercy".

Giving sercies is your new super power.  Because they are unexpected, you can surprise anyone (think a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or family) at anytime with a sercy.  Your thoughtfulness will instantly make them smile.  Some of my favorite sercy gifts are baked goods, a bud vase with flowers, gift card for coffee, and artisan crafts like our Blessing Beads® !

Blessing Beads® for All Occasions

To Offer Comfort

Loss of a Loved One,

To Celebrate Joy

New baby,


Mother’s Day,

Make your Blessing Beads® extra special! Personalize with initials or special date for only $6

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Flower Press Collection

Introducing our new pressed flower Blessing Beads! We love these for summer brides, hostesses and house warming gifts.

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Sunday Blessing

Posted by MacKenzie Williams

"Do not let Sunday be taken from you. If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan" - Albert SchweitzerFather, help me today to relax and rest as You...

Back to School Blessing Beads

Posted by MacKenzie Williams

Summer flew by per usual, but I am thankful for time away from The Sercy Studio and more time with my family.  Resting is hard for me but always fruitful....