❤️☀️ Welcome to the SoulShine Book Club! I love to read all kinds of books- thrillers, historical fiction, memoirs and faith based books. I like to start my day (before the sun & kids get up) with coffee, quiet and a few pages from a life-giving book.  Each month this year I will be reading a book that restores my soul, encourages rest and breathes life into me. Please read along with me! Some books I am re-reading and some have been on my list to read. I will share my favorite insights here and on Instagram (@thesercystudio and @soulshinebookclub).

My January Pick is John Eldredge's book 'Get Your Life Back' . I am about 1/2 way through and 80% of the book is highlighted 😂. This book is easy to read and not condemning. I already feel more freedom than I did a few weeks ago. 

My favorite quotes from the intro...

"My soul just can't do like at the speed of smartphones"

"...Am I becoming a less loving person? I had little capacity for relationships and the things that bring me life- a walk in the woods, dinner with friends, a cold plunge in a mountain lake.  When I did steal a moment for something life giving, I was so distracted I couldn't enjoy it"

"I want to be living in deep places but I felt trapped in the shoals."

Final note- John Eldredge is clear that all of the suggested practices are in the spirit of kindness. The SoulShine book club is created in that same spirit.  If it is easier to listen to these books on audible then please do!  I plan to share my reflections each month, but I am not holding myself to a specific schedule. Let's all be kind to ourselves, read what we can, glean what we can and share what we have learned.