January is a time where I simplify, clean out, purge and reassess all the stuff in my house.  Does this art bring me joy?  Is this vase beautiful? Do I need this spatula?  Does this jacket fit?  On the flip side, there are also things I buy in January to make the rest of my year easier. This includes stocking up my gift drawer with go-to gifts. No matter what phase of life you are in, it is a good idea to have gifting items ready for a new year of birthdays, weddings and celebrations.  This could be your favorite cookbook, vases from a local potter or Bitty Blessing Beads®. Stock up and Save 25% when you buy 10 Bitty Blessings beads.

You can purchase the hearts HERE

You can purchase the crosses HERE

In January, I also fill up my card collection.  I stock up on tons of birthday cards, Starbucks cards, and cute stamps. I have everyone’s birthday in my google calendar, and with a hearty stack of cute birthday cards for all ages and friend types, I can easily pop one in the mail.  I stock up on adult birthday cards, kid birthday cards, a few blank cards, a few sympathy cards and a sprinkling of wedding, baby, get well etc. If you have cards on hand and ready to go, you are much more likely to send a card!  While you are at it, go to USPS.com and stock up on cute stamps for the year. If you love a good set of pens, buy a new pack of pretty pens and keep them with your cards. Here is my stash for the new year!

For me, January is about simplifying.  That mostly means getting rid of things but it also means stocking up on things that will save you time throughout the year and make it easier for you to send joy to people throughout the year!

Happy Gifting,