Last summer we had the pleasure of staying at “Goat Farm” in South Carolina and “Sea Hag” in Maine.  This summer we are staying with friends on the GA coast and headed back to Sea Hag.  We also are lucky enough to host guests at our place in the summer. Have you been invited to a vacation home this summer?  Here are some good manners to keep in mind! And share with your kids :)

1. BRING A GIFT! It's customary to bring a small gift for your host as a token of appreciation. It can be something simple like a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, or BLESSING BEADS! We love personalizing beads with house names, family names or a special phrase. 

1. Communicate your arrival: Inform your host of your expected arrival time and any changes in plans. This allows them to prepare and make necessary arrangements.

3. Respect their space: Treat your host's home with care and respect. Keep your belongings organized and tidy in the designated area.

4. Clean up after yourself: Be mindful of your own messes and clean up after yourself. Offer to help with tasks such as setting the table, clearing dishes, or tidying up communal areas.

5. Express gratitude: Show appreciation for your host's hospitality by expressing your gratitude. Say "thank you" for their efforts and kindness. Consider writing a thank-you note or sending a follow-up message after your visit.

6. Offer to help: Take the initiative to offer help with tasks or chores, especially if you notice your host could use assistance. Whether it's in the kitchen, with cleaning up, or running errands, your willingness to contribute will be appreciated.

Remember, being a good guest is about showing respect, gratitude, and consideration for your host. By following these courtesies, everyone will make special memories and you may even get invited back.