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Meet MacKenzie!

Founder. Creator. Artist. Giver.

Born and raised in Atlanta, MacKenzie Williams graduated from the University of Georgia with a fine arts degree in 2007. After her first daughter, Ruthie, was born in 2011 she knew she wanted to put her creative degree to good use. Doing something that was flexible, but also supported her family were equally as important. Around the same time, MacKenzie's aunt Ruth received prayer beads during a difficult time. This gesture inspired Mackenzie to create her own beads that she called Blessing Beads®.  The Sercy Studio was born in 2012.

Since then, she has added two children to her family, Stewart and Daisy, and grown the business into something she could have only dreamed. In over 300 retail stores nationwide, as well as the online shop, she continues to be passionate about making these handmade beads that become such a special part of someone's home.